NashvilleAPRS is a website designed to help APRS users in Middle Tennessee have a single, knowledgeable resource on APRS in the area. The goal of the site is to pool all of the available information and display it in a single, unified approach that allows users to access important information in a timely manner.

The site's approach is to identify and catalog all of the available resources so that in the event of an emergency those resources and be quickly identified and located. In addition, the availabilty to poll individual resources makes the site indespensible for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and fixing issues that might arise with the operation of APRS.

NashvilleAPRS is designed from the ground up to be a fully redundant, fault tolerant network of digipeaters, Igates, and centralized feeds for not only the users but for the network.

At this time, the site is run by four people living in the Nashville area, although input and help is greatly appreciated. Those people are:

  • KE4PJW, Terry Trapp
  • KQ4TV, Bruce Martin
  • KG4OZL, George Currey
  • KG4NRC, Sean Jewett